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Royal Christening Looks for Your Special Day

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Prince Louis’ christening ceremony, which was held at the St. James Palace in London this past July, is the latest in a string of highly anticipated royal events that have taken place this year—and the sight of Louis’ christening gown has got us bursting with inspiration!

silver crown with white pearl

The royal christening dress, which Prince George and Princess Charlotte also wore for their christenings, is known as the Honiton christening gown and dates back to 1841 when Queen Victoria commissioned the dress for her first-born child, Little Princess Victoria.1

The custom of using christening gowns in a baptism, however, dates back even further, with the first use of a christening dress noted in medieval times when babies were wrapped in a large square of silk fabric trimmed with lace or beads, and which was called a “bearing cloth.”2

Christening dresses are a special part of this longstanding tradition, and we have the perfect royal christening looks for your elegant ceremony:

183 Organza Christening Dress

This classic gown gives you an effortless elegant appearance without breaking your budget! The skirt features detailed floral embroidery and has a wavy hem finish with tiny rosettes stitched along the edge. A satin sash with floral ornaments accented with pearls can be seen at the waist, which ties back into a large white bow. A matching bonnet is included.

Amber Satin Ribbon Tulle Dress

heirloom christening gown

This elaborate gown has a baroque vibe to it with its bubble tulle skirt, which has satin floral embroidery throughout. A delicate ribbon with a matching bow and flower can be found at the waist, with a satin tie-back sash and button back closure behind. A bonnet with matching floral embroidery is also included.

John Pintuck Poly Silk Suit

This five-piece christening suit is the perfect outfit for your little man on his memorable day. The set includes a cabby hat and vest, which both have an intricate poly silk diamond print, a long-sleeve button-down shirt, pants, and a clip-on bow tie. The pants feature an elastic waistband, for comfort and convenience, and pockets!

Jamie Silk Heirloom Gown

While this gown may not have intricate embroidery or flashy sequins, the length and style of the gown are very traditional and reminiscent of the royal christening gown worn by the royal children. The gown is made with 100% raw silk, designed with horizontal pleats across the bodice, thick cap sleeves, and a long pleated skirt. What’s great about this gown, however, is that it is unisex and comes with two different bonnets—one for a girl and the other for a boy. A white lace cloth can complete the look even further.

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