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Sunday Mass Style for Him

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Easter Sunday is one of the most sacred of Christian holidays. A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it demands respect as far as church attire. External wear is not defined by any religious doctrine, but, for young boys, formal wear is standard as church-goers are expected to dress in a respectful manner.

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What Not to Wear

When preparing for Easter worship services, avoid wearing denim. Jeans are not appropriate attire for Sunday Mass, so you should set an example for your boy early on. In some parts of the U.S., people may tend to dress more casually in church than they used to, but, on holidays such as Easter Sunday, avoid overly casual outfits or any clothing that is distracting. Odd colors and patterns and shirts with writing are not suitable for this time.

Best Boys Clothes for Easter

A white button-down shirt and dress pants are, at the very least, what your boy should sport on Easter. Formal enough for mass, they are comfortable. Your boy can also attend church and Easter brunch without requiring a wardrobe change in between.

As with any man’s outfit, kids’ formal suits should be complemented by accessories such as brown belts and polished dress shoes. The color of accessories depends on the color and style of what they are wearing. After all, you want your little man to look coordinated. Don’t be afraid to add some color to the suit—ties, handkerchiefs, and other accessories can help your boy look formal yet individual.

At Granny’s Little Munchkins, we sell a range of different kids’ dress clothes. In fact, you can find all you need in a single package. For example, we’ve got a Boy’s Tuxedo with Vest and Tie, as well as the Formal Tuxedo with Tail, Cummerbund, and Bow Tie set. Both formal and unique, the Lito Suspender Pant Set with Hat dresses your boy for the occasion yet lets him stand out on his own.

Our kids’ dress clothes vary from white tuxedos to formal suits with neckties. The Formal Suit with Checkered Vest and Necktie (Style No. 5006) will give your boy a sharp look. Then there’s the Poly Cotton Shirt & Linen Shorts Set; why not look casually formal? If you’re looking to start your baby boy off with something cute, choose from one of our sailor outfits. Or try dressing your young man in a comfortable light vest, hat, and shorts set.

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Find Proper Easter Mass Wear at Granny’s Little Munchkins

Whether you’re shopping for Easter boys’ clothes, communion suits, or kids’ designer clothes, we have you covered. Easter is a time you want to dress respectfully, but that doesn’t mean your boy can’t be comfortable and sharp-looking. Also, Easter attire is typically light-colored and textured to reflect the spring season.

If you still haven’t found boys’ formal wear this season, it’s not too late. Browse our choices and place your order today or contact us online for help and information.