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Infant Dresses

It’s never too early to dress your baby girl up in an adorable dress. Whether it’s for the trip home from the hospital or a holiday, you can depend on Granny’s Little Munchkins to have the perfect dresses. We sell a variety of infant and newborn dresses, including formal baby dresses and other baby boutique clothing.

Holidays are always worth dressing up for and, if your newborn will be making her first appearance, you want to ensure that she’s dressed to impress. No matter if you’re looking for a baby girl Easter dress, a baby girl Christmas dress, or a dress for another special occasion, you can count on finding it in our shop.

Love Variety? So Do We!

For each occasion, we offer dozens of dresses made using various materials, colors, and prints. You’ll find formal baby dresses made with silk, organza, taffeta, and a wide range of other materials. With each dress, you can rest assured that your baby girl will not only look adorable but will be comfortable as well.

Aside from fabric types, our dresses are also available in many colors. While you can expect white and pink dresses, at our store you'll also find red, cream, blue, and purple dresses for your little one. We also offer floral prints, polka dots, and stripes! Browse below to see our wide range of newborn and infant special occasion dresses. If you're looking for baby boy formal wear, click here.